Zoisite Palm Stone


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 Dark Green Zoisite Palm Stone


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The Key Words to describe Zoisite are Inner and outer development; Awakening of the true self; Joyful engagement with life; Healing; Increased life force
Zoisite’s element is Storm
It works on the Root Chakra (1st) the Heart Chakra (4th) and the Third Eye Chakra (6th)

COLOUR: Colourless, white, yellow-brown,  blue, green, red, pink, lavender-blue
APPEARANCE: Solid mass, pleotropic, all sizes
ATTRIBUTES: Zoisite transmutes negative energies into positive ones. Mentally, Zoisite is a creative stone, bringing the mind back to its objectives after an interruption. Ruby in Zoisite activates the crown chakra, creates an altered state of consciousness and facilitates access to soul memory and spiritual learning. It can be extremely useful in past-life work. This stone has the unusual property of promoting individuality while at the same time retaining interconnections with the rest of humanity.
SPIRITUAL MEANING: Zoisite teaches of growth, healing and enjoyment of the moment. It helps you to perceive the gift in every breath of life. At the same time, it helps you to recognise the illusion of death..
EMOTIONAL MEANING: Zoisite can help alleviate grief, anger, despair, hopelessness and defeat. It is a powerful healer of the emotional body.
HEALING: Zoisite is a detoxifier. It strengthens the immune system and stimulates fertility, healing disease of ovaries and testicles.
POSITION: Wear next to skin for long periods of time as it is a slow acting stone.