Shungite Disc Pendant

Shungite Disc Pendant

  • €15.00

Shungite Disc Pendant

with Infinity Sign

Often referred to as the 'stone of Life' Shungite is an ancient stone that is about 2 billion years old.  To date, it has been mainly found in russia.

Extremely  protective and positive, the powerful vibration of Shungite enhances spiritual expansion  and is beneficial to a healthy life.  Shungite contains fullerenes, powerful anti-oxidants that help neutralise any organism within your body that is harmful to you, including EMF's

Shungite's energy shields you from electro-magnetic radiation that is emitted by computers, cell phones, televisions, microwaves, wifi, towers etc.

It is excellent grounding stone, both physically & spiritually.

It opens and stimulates your Root Chakra

It helps psychic abilities including clairvoyance and provides psychic protection

It imbues your Aura with intense light

It relieves a wide variety of physical complaints