Random Acts of Kindness

Give a little kindness as a completely random act to a completely random stranger.

Why you ask?

Well, that little act of kindness whether it be a smile or a little helping hand in some way, may be the act of kindness that pierces someone's closed heart, it may be the words of kindness that brings understanding to them in some way,  a random act of kindness can even save someone's life. Your little act of kindness can help that other person in so many ways, ways you can't even comprehend.  None of us knows what is going on in someone else's life, behind so many faces, there can be complete despair but we are taught to put a brave face on life

Do it with no expectation of any return, completely unconditionally.  You will never know how it was received, you don't need to know.....but the universe will know and all act of kindness given unconditionally are repaid 100 fold over and over again. 

Remember the Law of Attraction, What we give out, we get back....So that little act of kindness, will turn into healing for a complete stranger and will manifest back into your life as healing. 





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