About Julie

Julie is a Reiki Master amongst other Healing Modalities and the Crystal Cave Shop emerged from her passion for the field of the Mind, Body and Spirit. and the journey of self-development she undertook on her own healing journey in the early 2000s. This research for optimal holistic health lead to a passion for all things spiritual (including Angels, Wellbeing Crystals, Esoteric Religion and Science) and eventually lead to the opening of our Shop in Killorglin, Co Kerry, on the beautiful Ring of Kerry in 2006.

Crystal Cave Online offers Wellbeing Crystals and other Spiritual tools that can help enhance your Therapy Room, your own Sanctuary at Home, or your Peace Corner. Often, we give a gift to someone that triggers their self-deveopment or healing journey and understanding of their self. We believe there are many roads that lead to the one heaven. As a retail store in a small rural town in Killorglin, Ireland, The Crystal Cave, has always provided a sanctuary for those who want to share or explore their spiritual growth. When we moved premises in 2012 , it gave us the opportunity to open this field out even more to our customers.

At the Crystal Cave, we endeavour to stock only quality crystals. For example all of our Amethyst would be AA or A grade. Most of our crystals are hand chosen by Julie, bought from trusted suppliers with whom she has dealt with for many years.

At the Crystal Cave by taking our beautiful range of spiritual gifts online through this gateway has allowed us to make these available to all of you throughout the Island of Ireland and Europe, who are looking for the wide variety of tools to optimise your journey and enhance your spiritual growth and practice from the latest spiritual books(instore) and meditation CD's, Wellbeing Crystals, Chakra Products, Angels and Fairies, to Smudging and a wide variety of sacred Incense. We have always endeavoured to balance price with quality, whilst ensuring to bring the latest products in this field to our customers and are constantly researching and indeed searching for evermore beautiful but reasonably priced products.

At Crystal Cave Online Shop we endeavour to keep as big a variety of tumblestone as possible, as well as smaller pieces of rough crystal and a wide variety of polished and carved crystals ranging from polished and carved crystal animals, eggs, hearts, obelisks, standing points and spheres, in a wide variety of different crystals, and while it is not possible to put them all on our Website, we are very happy to answer any questions or queries you may have about our stock. If there is a particular product or item you wish to enquire about then please feel free to contact us with details. In fact, we would appreciate any feedback you would care to give us, as it is only by listening to you, our customers, that we can give you the service you require.

All items that are in stock will be sent out immediately, so if your order is received by 12am, your order will be delivered within 48 hours nationally, or outside of Ireland please allow 4 days.

We endeavour to keep our shipping rates as low as possible and all shipping rates are determined by weight.. Please check out our shipping rates on the main menu

In Love and Light

Julie Gill