ABOUT SAFETY when using and storing Essential Oils


  1. Keep bottles away from children. If a child swallows essential oils, seek medical advice urgently
  2. If you get essential oils in your eyes, wash out the affected eye copiously.
  3. Do not take internally. Some oils can be ingested but only under expert supervision, i.e., a doctor or qualified aromatherapist.
  4. Never apply undiluted oils to skin. Oils should be applied in a carrier, such as grapeseed or sweet almond.
  5. Some oils should not be used if you suffer from high blood pressure or are pregnant. See listed oils for details. Some oils should not be used if other medical conditions are present.
  6. Oils will damage furniture, so use carefully.
  7. As the name implies, essential oils are flammable. Do not throw empty bottles in fire and use caution near naked flame.
  8. Only use a burner when you are present. Do not leave unattended.
  9. When burning oils in a burner use a mat or a coaster as the burner will get hot.