Blue Goldstone

Blue Goldstone Tumblestone

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Blue Goldstone Tumblestone

Size:  Medium to Large


The Key Words to describe Blue Goldstone are:  Protection; Psychic communication
Blue Goldstone’s Element is Fire
It works on the Throat Chakra (5th), Third Eye Chakra (6th) and Crown Chakra (7th)

APPEARANCE: Tumbled, midnight blue with flecks of copper suspended inside.
ATTRIBUTES: Blue Goldstone, like diamond, is a good deflector of unwanted energies and is highly regarded as a protection mineral. It is a nervous system stimulant and enhances transmission of healing energies from the hands, therefore is applicable for long distance healing.
SPIRITUAL MEANING:  The sparkles of Blue Goldstone are symbolic of the light that can always be found in the darkness and its resemblance to the night sky will remind you to reach for the stars.
EMOTIONAL MEANING: Midnight Blue Goldstone protects the psychic and empathetic sensitivities and should be used during meditation.
HEALING: Blue Goldstone is beneficial in the healing of the throat.  It aids the pain of arthritis and bone disorders. The copper inside the stone is extremely helpful in areas of inflammation and the increase of blood flow.
POSITION: Hold in your hand during meditation.

PLEASE NOTE – Price for this item is per single stone