Chrysocolla Tumblestone

Chrysocolla Tumblestone

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Chryscolla Tumblestone

Size:  Medium

The Key Words to describe Chrysocolla are Communication; Expression of the sacred; Goddess-Energies; Gentleness and Power.
Chrysocolla’s Element is Water
It works on the Throat Chakra (5th) Heart Chakra (4th) and Root Chakra (1st)


COLOUR: Green, blue, turquoise
APPEARANCE: Opaque, often bands or inclusions. All sizes. Frequently tumbled or polished.
ATTRIBUTES: Chrysocolla is a tranquil and sustaining stone. It helps meditation and communication. Chrysocolla encourages self-awareness and inner balance and imparts confidence and sensitivity. It helps you keep a cool head.
SPIRITUAL MEANING:  Chrysocolla governs all aspects of sound healing, whether through words or sound frequencies. This crystal promotes the expression of heart energy by facilitating true communication between all beings.
EMOTIONAL MEANING:  Chrysocolla helps you to feel more secure when communicating with others and helps dispel fear in social situations. It helps to release patterns of sarcasm and criticism when speaking to other people, as well as releasing the fear from which these patterns stem.
HEALING: Chrysocollatreats arthritis, bone disease, muscle spasms, the digestive tract, ulcers, blood disorders and lung problems. It detoxifies the liver, kidneys and intestines. It oxygenates the blood and the lungs, giving greater lung and breathing capacity. With its cooling action, Chrysocollaheals infections, especially in the throat and tonsils, lowers blood pressure and soothes burns. It treats PMS and menstrual cramps.
POSITION: Place as appropriate on skin or third eye.

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