• €2.50

Hematite Tumblestone

Size:  Medium to large

The Key Words to describe Hematite are Grounding; Manifestation; Making the Spiritual Physical
Hematite’s Element is Earth
It works on the Root Chakra (1st)

COLOUR: Shiny Silver/grey
APPEARANCE: “Brain-like” red or grey when unpolished. Shiny when polished. Heavy. All sizes.
ATTRIBUTES: Hematite is particularly effective at grounding and protecting. It dissolves negativity and prevents negative energies from entering the aura. It is said to be beneficial for legal situations. Supports timid women, boosts self-esteem and survivability.
SPIRITUAL MEANING: Hematite teaches of the balancing of opposites and the manifestation of Light. It is a powerfully grounding stone, enabling you to remain connected to the Earth and your body while assisting you to carry high frequency energies.
EMOTIONAL MEANING:  Hematite can help you to see the silver lining on the edge of every dark cloud and the light at the end of every tunnel. It offers strength and courage to move through adversity.
HEALING: Hematite aids circulatory disorders such as Reynaud’s Disease and blood conditions such as anaemia. It supports the kidneys in cleansing blood and it regenerates tissue. Hematite stimulates the absorption of iron and the formation of red blood cells. It treats leg cramps, anxiety and insomnia and aids spinal alignment and fractures. Use as an elixir for fevers.
POSITION: Base and top of spine for spinal manipulation. Hold or place as appropriate for healing.

PLEASE NOTE – Price for this item is per single stone - medium size 20 x 30mm approx