Jasper - Red

Jasper - Red

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Red Jasper Tumblestone

Size:  Medium

The Key Words to describe Red Jasper are Physical strength and vitality; Stabilisation of one’s energies
Red Jasper’s Element is Earth
It works on the Root Chakra (1st) and the Sacral Chakra (2nd)

APPEARANCE: Opaque, patterned, often water-worn or small and tumbled
ATTRIBUTES: Red Jasper is gently stimulating. It grounds energy and rectifies unjust situations. It brings problems to light before they become too big and provides insights into the most difficult situation. It makes an excellent “worry bead”, calming the emotions when played with. Placed under a pillow it helps dream recall. Red Jasper stimulates the base chakra and assists rebirthing. It cleans and stabilises the aura and strengthens your boundaries
SPIRITUAL MEANING: Red Jasper activates and stimulates the base chakra and supports the rising of the Kundalini Energy.
EMOTIONAL MEANING:  This crystal helps you to release shame or guilt around sexual issues. It is a friend to those who are recovering from sexual abuse or assault.
HEALING: This is a stone of health, strengthening and detoxifying the circulatory system. The blood and liver. It dissolves blockages in the liver or bile ducts. Jasper supports the circulatory, digestive and sexual organs. It balances the mineral content of the body. It is particularly useful as a gem elixir because it does not over-stimulate the body.
POSITION: Base chakra or as appropriate


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