Moldavite - Small Speciman Piece

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The Key Words to describe Moldavite are Transformation; Rapid spiritual evolution; Chakra activation; Cleansing; Protection; Increased incidence of synchronicities
Moldavite’s Element is Storm
It works on All Chakras, especially the Heart Chakra (4th) and the Third Eye Chakra (6th)

Dark Green
APPEARANCE: Small, transparent, folded mass. Often glassy.
ATTRIBUTES:  Moldavite is another of the stones for the New Age. It is a form of Tektite, said to have extra-terrestrial origin, formed when a giant meteorite struck the earth. Moldavite brings you into communication with the higher self and with extra-terrestrials. Physically holding Moldavite may trigger a huge rush of energy through the body that has powerful metaphysical effects. It releases fixed ideas and archaic belief systems and can neutralise hypnotic commands.
Moldavite allows you to have the experiences you are seeking when you refer to ‘spiritual experiences’. It allows you to connect with your guides and to expand your awareness.
EMOTIONAL MEANING: Moldavite brings to the surface those things which you most need to recognise, honour, integrate or clear. Moldavite will shine Light into the depths, allaying any fears you may have.
HEALING: Rather than healing individual conditions, Moldavite makes one aware of the case and source of dis-ease and then supports the releasing and healing process. It also brings the gift contained within the illness to your attention. It can be used as a tool for diagnosis.
POSITION: Place on forehead, throat or crown. Moldavite is fragile and should not be cleaned with salt as it scratches the surface.

PLEASE NOTE – Price for this item is per single piece