Shattuckite Tumblestone

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Shattuckite Tumblestone

Colour:  Deep blue, turquoise blue, sometimes with azure or brown streaks

Attributes:  Shattuckite was a traditional magical healing and love charm amongst indigenous people in Arizona and parts of Africa.  Shattuckite enables interpretation of information and wisdom.  Is protective during channelling or mediumship.  Resolves past life issues that are blocking present life Spiritual development.  Helps you bring back strengths and strategies from past life;s to enable you in this life. Enhances automatic writing, use in non-dominant hand and words will flow

Enables those in love to reveal their true feelings.  use this crystal when you need to communicate clearly

Zodiac Sign:  Aquarius

Healing:  Shattuckite thought to help with infections of the ear, nose and throat, swollen glands, tonsillitis, mouth, tooth and gum disorders, coagulation of blood,arthritic and rheumatic conditions