Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian

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Snowflake Obsidian Tumblestone

Size:  Medium to large

The Key Words to describe Snowflake Obsidian are: Perseverance; Insight; Attunement to Spiritual Guidance; Past life recall; Spirit communication.
Snowflake Obsidian’s Element is Earth
It works on the Root Chakra (1st) and the Third Eye Chakra (6th)
Black and white.
APPEARANCE: Mottled black-white as though snowflakes were on the surface. Often small and tumbled.
ATTRIBUTES: Placed on the sacral chakra, Snowflake Obsidian calms and soothes, putting you in the right frame of mind to be receptive before bringing to your attention ingrained patterns of behaviour. It teaches you to value mistakes as well as successes. It is a stone of purity, providing balance for body, mind and spirit. Snowflake Obsidian helps you to recognise and release “wrong thinking” and stressful mental patterns. It promotes dispassion and inner centring. With the aid of Snowflake Obsidian, isolation and loneliness become empowering, aiding surrender in meditation.
SPIRITUAL MEANING: Snowflake Obsidian helps you to see the guidance and help that is always available to you through the Natural World. It is an excellent crystal to use to attune to animal energy.
EMOTIONAL MEANING: Snowflake Obsidian helps to overcome the “poor me” attitude or feelings of victimisation. It can help you to find strength to shift your reality for the better.
HEALING: Snowflake Obsidian treats veins and the skeleton, and improves circulation. The elixir is good for the skin and the eyes.
POSITION: Place as appropriate or use as elixir.


PLEASE NOTE – Price for this item is per single stone 20 -35 mm approx